When to transition

Figuring out how to make a transition in life is difficult and figuring out when to let go to do so is the hardest part. I will never know what the right decision was; I will only find out the results of the decision I made. I currently am at a point in my lifeRead moreRead more

Superslam #2 Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion…..I have to take a deep breath even telling the story, just the thought of this hunt takes my breath away. There are only a few predators that rank in this category when you are face to face with one there is one thing you will remember, the eyes, they cannot be described. WhetherRead moreRead more

“Strong emotions lead to opportunity”

Writing this post I found myself thinking, keep the sappy out of it your a hunter, but then I remembered what a dear friend always tells me “just tell your story,” So I changed my direction. I believe that just because I am a woman this makes me no different from any other hunter outRead moreRead more