My quest begins

My quest begins

We all have a story but I want a legacy

To understand my purpose I have to give you a little more insight into my thoughts.
If you ask me “why would you choose to do a super slam quest” my initial response would be to tell you that I want to leave a legacy from my heart for my children, but it goes beyond that.
I live my life thinking there are so many things I could leave my children and others I encounter, I could quit now and they would have stories to last a lifetime but I want more than a story, I want to inspire them enough to want to offer the same legacy to the next generation.

A quest is defined as a long and arduous search for something, my quest a long and difficult hunt for the largest North American animals.
Which seems a big enough quest but not in my head, in my head I have to try the ultimate quest, an Archery Super Slam. The next question I often get is “what if you cannot get one of the animals with your bow” my thought is, then I go back until I do and I will hunt others in the meantime.
The knowledge of each species and the adventure in learning about them is something I never want to stop learning, I do not think what if I cannot do this I just think about the next hunt and then the next.

A quest is not new to me I seem to have always been on one quest after another as probably we all have, and hunting is also not new to me in fact I have been a hunter my entire life and now I can officially say I have hunted everything from squirrels to mountain lions.

Getting ready to skin a eastern coyote

If you would like to read more about the North American Super Slam I have included a link for you to the Grand Slam Club Ovis website you can read about it over there

I will be sharing each of these hunts with you as I go I will include short videos and pictures of not only my slam hunts but also my everyday life, after all there is so much more to hunting than just the harvest.