When to transition

Figuring out how to make a transition in life is difficult and figuring out when to let go to do so is the hardest part. I will never know what the right decision was; I will only find out the results of the decision I made. I currently am at a point in my life where I need to make that transition from one position to another to get where I need to be. I am aware of this and have had a difficult time with when to implement it. Knowing where I want to be and the decision to jump is always scary, but once I made the decision and I felt a sense of excitement, and then there was no turning back.

The decision is more difficult this time because I have worked so hard to build what I thought might give me the platform to do what I love. Teaching the importance of hunting traditions and providing the insight to those that haven’t otherwise had that opportunity was my interest. It turns out the very thing I thought would be the freedom I was searching for, ended up being the prison that keeps me from doing the something I love. The thought of walking away from it though was terrifying, but I have realized that what I was doing was letting it define my goals instead of assisting me in moving forward towards my goals.

I am fortunate enough to have met some influential people in my life, we all meet them, but the key is recognizing their potential and believing in them. In return, they believe in you and become mentors in your life. One, in particular, has become a considerable influence in my life, he doesn’t know just how much of an impact he has on me, but I watch him in amazement as he transitions from one path to another with minimal fear. After calling him with the thought, I think I want to change everything in my life; his response was “I was waiting for you to say that I saw it coming.” He explained his theory after having listened to my struggle, which was that I just needed to change my backdrop. Changing my backdrop means finding something I love that keeps me connected. This time something that won’t smother me, so yes now to alter my backdrop.

Why am I writing a post in my hunting blog about my choice to transition into another phase, because it is a part of my story and I am hoping it will help influence someone else who may be wondering when to transition or if to transition at all. Something I read the other day resonated heavily with me “ready, fire, aim!” and I thought well that sums up my whole life and everything I do and here it is, happening again.

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