I am a trapper

I am a trapper

How to explain the excitement I feel about trapping season I dont think I can but trust me when I tell you that I love trapping season I love preparing for it, setting for it, and the catch! When I am hunting for a specific animal I know what my harvest will be, maybe not the size but certainly the animal, when I trap there are so many surprises!

Owning and operating a sporting goods store I talk to a lot of trappers and hunters and find that the previous generation of trappers does not always pass the knowledge of trapping on, they feel there is no value in it so no need to teach it to the next generation. Trapping takes great skill and offers many benefits from the use of the animal hide using it for population control as well as the satisfaction of learning and sharing this skill with younger generations.

I find trapping to be one of the most fulfilling sports I do, trying to get an animal to come in to a certain smell and once there to step on a small circle and hold them there makes tapping a truly difficult form of hunting.

I always tell everyone that running a trapline is a lot like Christmas morning, getting up at daybreak to walk your line, each trap on your line is another opportunity for another gift, if you have never done it just get a few traps and run a small line, the excitement of never knowing what you are going to get is what I love!
A quick story from this past season, I was walking in to my blind for archery whitetail and heard quite a bit of noise coming from a gully that I had a trap line in, it was still dark so I shined a light in the gully and a coyote was attacking a gray fox that was in a leg hold trap I usually leave my trapline having encountered some sort of a “well I’ve never seen that before” thought. If your looking for a good bunch of stories find a group of local trappers sit and have a cup of coffee and listen to the stories and advice of a seasoned trapper.

I have my share of trapping stories they are always fun to tell but another rewarding part of trapping is to learn to flesh and tan hides, turning hides into a usable product is so rewarding. Yes it is hard work, especially greasy thick beaver hides, but when it is finished you will look at a fur in a whole different light. I will do another blog post later about hides and the tanning process

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