“Strong emotions lead to opportunity”

Writing this post I found myself thinking, keep the sappy out of it your a hunter, but then I remembered what a dear friend always tells me “just tell your story,” So I changed my direction. I believe that just because I am a woman this makes me no different from any other hunter out there and I stand by this thought. It isn’t because I am a woman but because I am a person that I decided to tell you my whole story. Man or woman, young or old some moments change our lives, that stop us in our tracks, like a kick to the chest. When that moment happens we have choices but what we must do is recognize those choices as opportunities, and that is what I did.

My kick to the chest knocked the wind right out of me, it put me completely down, but I recognized it. I was about to turn 40 my youngest was off to college and making what my son later found were not the best of decisions, my husband decided he wasn’t sure if he wanted to live this life with me anymore, my little sporting goods store had been burglarized, and the loss was devastating. As I sat at my desk crying day after day not understanding how all of this could be happening to me. Finally, I stopped and looked around at everyone else and how they were living their lives. I realized that I had let the expectation of a “normal” life define who I had become, and when that normal had abandoned me, I was on the verge of allowing it ruin me. I needed to find my normal, I realized that might appear to be somewhat abnormal to those around me, but I had to do what fulfilled me. Then I did what I always do and picked myself up and found my purpose, now to let go of everything that is holding me back.

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