My story begins

You are here, and whether you stumbled across my blog or already know me, you are probably wondering why I am crazy enough to think I can do what it is I have set out to do. Whatever the reason I hope that I have peaked your interest enough for you to join me in my quest.

I will keep the introduction short and tell you what my goal is and hopefully, through the rest of my blog, you will get a good sense of who I am. I own and operate a sporting goods store and spend my days either hunting, shooting, trapping or talking about it.

I am currently on a quest for an archery super slam, and I get a lot of feedback concerning my quest. I often hear “there is no way you will ever get all of your animals, you should have started when you were younger” So while I would have loved to start when I was younger I was in the middle of accomplishing my first and favorite life goal, being a mother of two amazing children.

While I know my pursuit is not one that is easily accomplished by either a man or a woman and is only accomplished by the few hunters that feel this desire deep in their being and know nothing will stop them, I know I happen to be one of them.

I don’t believe I am any different than any other hunter out there, so the story of my passion for hunting probably doesn’t vary that much from yours, where my story does start to change is why I chose to chase the North American super slam.

I grew up Hunting and fishing the woods and waters of Pennsylvania, my love of hunting and fishing only became stronger throughout my life. When I became a mother, I wanted nothing more than to teach and share this with my children and so I did. Hunting was a tradition for my children and me, along the way, we learned new hunting skills together. Over the years I have learned from some amazing teachers as well as many self-taught forms of hunting. I can proudly say that I am an archer, trapper, big game rifle hunter, predator hunter, and fisherman. I not only hunt but I also harvest hides, and flesh and tan them myself. There is very little in my life that does not pertain to the outdoors.

Getting ready to skin a north eastern coyote

I made the final decision about a year ago, I found myself in a major transition phase in my life. My children had both gone to college, and I was left unsure of what my purpose was. I knew I would always be to be a parent, but it was no longer the focal point of my days. I am a very purpose driven person and have always set huge goals for myself, but now I had no idea what it was that I needed or wanted.
I was left to figure out what it was that made me happy, So to find what that was, I found myself having to reflect back on what that was from the time that I was a little kid until now. I suppose this is what they mean by soul-searching, but that’s what I did. I knew it had to be something I would love every time I did it, and the only recurring answer I could come up with was hunting and being in the outdoors.

I believe if you have a passion for something nothing can stop you. After months of “soul searching” and planning the next chapter, I met someone who would play a significant role in shaping the rest of my story. This person introduced me to the North American Super Slam and I became fascinated with this quest, the hunters who were chasing it and amazed by those that had obtained it. I realized that my admiration for these hunters had become a desire for myself. So in May of 2017, I joined GSCO and committed myself to going after and finishing the greatest hunting quest…. an archery North American Super Slam.

If you are unfamiliar with The North American Super Slam, it is referred to as “the ultimate quest.” An archery super slam is well; Tom Miranda describes it as “the Everest of bowhunting” it can take many years to achieve this quest. You can read more about the 29 large game North American animals at the Grand Slam Club Ovis website, GSCO is the keeper of the records, it’s where all of the grand slam and super slam animals have been recorded.

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  1. Hi Rose! We met on LinkedIn awhile back! I left there but still wanted to stay in touch! I really admire you and what you’re doing with your life! Just keep that quest going!
    All the best!

    1. Hi Ron Thanks for subscribing to my blog I am way behind on keeping up with this I need to get back into it but definately keep in touch and take care

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